Our ethics

The safety of your data is our priority

We promise you that at Saasdesk we will only go and look at the required data to help you to control your SaaS expenses and make every onboarding & offboarding easier.
We are here only to help you for these reasons. We will not be keeping any traces of datas that not are not used and related to your services and vision.

Our values

Integrity is one of our most important values. Saasdesk represents who we are and it can not be corrupted.
Your data are not ours: you can remove your access at any time and we won’t keep your data.

It takes time to acquire Trust and can be lost very quickly, so we are always available to talk so don’t hesitate to contact us. 

All of our general conditions and our privacy policy are available here
Richad & Romain - Saasdesk Founders
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