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Our goal  is to establish a trustworthy relationship with all of you, we are and will always be transparent and available for you.


Integrity and communication is key for a long term relationship. Every time we will make any decision you will be the first to know


our main goal is to make your work easier. And our goal as a brand is to create a product that is useful and simple. Your feedback will be a major key to improve our product and relationship with you.

Corporate Culture

We are working remotely

Remote first: Since our creation we are working remotely. Saasdesk is based in Bordeaux, one our founders is based in Paris, our designer lives between Berlin & Paris. We favor the home environment of our employees.

What are we doing ?

Saasdesk is a necessary tool for every CEO's , CFO's and any IT team members. We offer you a tool that allows you to manage all of your SaaS expenses on one platform . But also a new feature will allow you to conduct your on & offboarding's. This feature will simplify the work for your team.

How ?

To use Saasdesk you need to add it to your GSuite or MS 365. In this way, the Saasdesk tool will go throw your messages and extract all of your Saas invoices. Our tool is automatic, it's scans and extracts your mails under specific rules. Only emails from specific email addresses or with a certain subject. Every other email will never be touched by Saasdesk. All of the data extracted are data used to include your invoices and nothing more. We invite you to take a look at our privacy policy here.

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