SaaS Management, made simple

Collect all your invoices and monitor your SaaS spend

Save up to 30% on your software expenses

Automate your IT onboarding/offboarding workflows

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Collect all your invoices &
monitor your SaaS spend

Saasdesk shows you what you spend on SaaS and automatically find your invoices.

Save up to 30% on your saas spend

Saasdesk helps you optimize and reduce your costs.
It is the ideal partner for connected CFOs.
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Automate your workflow

Automate your IT Onboarding & Offboarding process
Manage all your account and automatically generate report on your SaaS usage

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"Saasdesk is giving you control on your SaaS spend!”
Richad  Mitha
We started from a simple observation: a company with 100 to 200 employees spends on average 300,000 € per year for subscription software. This expenditure is expected to double in the coming years.
Our vision is to give you the control on your budget but also to recommend you the best solutions at the best prices.

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